ICSM 2015

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The 1st Consultation held in Paris in 1999 was truly historical and represented a landmark event for the field of sexual medicine. More than 120 world experts were assigned to 18 committees which assembled the most extensive and up-to-date information in the field. The resulting publication was a major contribution and an important reference source for researchers, physicians and patients. The success of the 1st Consultation generated great interest in both basic and clinical research in male and female sexual dysfunction.

The 2nd Consultation in 2003 was an equally exciting and significant event. Again over 100 world experts were assigned to committees which again assembled the most current information in the field of sexual medicine. The committees’ work contributed much to an updated understanding of the basic mechanisms of sexual function and improved care of patients with sexual dysfunction.

The 3rd Consultation held in 2009 in Paris, had 125 internationally recognized invited experts who worked on topics covered by 25 committees. The resulting meeting output of enduring materials was again the most important reference in sexual medicine at that time.


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